Curriculum vitae

IT Projects
-Vehicle assessment and repair software
-Overall architecture of the software system with 80 autonomous components / services and customer-specific software packages resulting from the components
-Project size approx. 2500 person-months and 100 internal and external developers

-Project Management
-Software Engineering
-Relational Database Systems
-Advanced database technology
-Analysis and Design of Enterprise Systems: an Object-Oriented Approach
-Software Development for Networked Applications using Java
-User Interface Design and Evaluation

I spend my youth to play chess until I start with the IT for my future mission.

-German (native language)
-English (fluently)
-Russian (native language)

I was a great talent in German youth chess in the 1990s.
-1994: 5th at the World Cup for U12 in Hungary, I finished fifth (with a win in the final round, first place would have been possible).
-1995: 7th in Brazil at the U14 World Cup.
-1996: At the age of 14 I was runner-up in the German U20 championship.
-1996: 4th in Spain at the World Cup for under 14-year-olds, behind today’s world-class players Gabriel Sarkissjan, Lewon Aronjan, Francisco Vallejo Pons, ahead of Étienne Bacrot.
-1998: 6th behind Sjarhej Asarau at the U16 World Youth Championships in Oropesa del Mar (Spain).
-1999: played in Hamburg against Péter Lékó
I have the title of grand master since 2003, GMI Grand Master International

-I am a real estate investor with my wife since 2007 in the region of Stuttgart in Germany, where the Porsche, Daimler… companies are.
-I am also the owner of many companies, German companies, European companies…

-International Chess Grand Master
-Software Architecture Expert of the Year 2019